Passenger Ship

Our roots lie in the passenger transit industry. In that sense we are proud of our background and we are committed to excellence that includes staying on the cutting edge of progress and technology.


Pleasure Craft

High-quality engineering solutions only come about when there is intensive cooperation with the client. That's why we are glad to work side by side with pleasure vessel Owners to develop newbuildings and repair projects.


Merchant Ships

We design a complete range of vessels from Multi-Purpose Vessels and Product Tankers to Container Ship, RoRo, PCTCs (Pure Car and Truck Carriers), Car/Trailer/Train Ferries and Heavy Lift Vessels.


Special Projects

At Studio Nattero we like taking on challenges and executing special projects. That is why we are used to not conventional projects, such as amphibious vehicles, heavy marine transportation, mooring analysis and custom tailored designs.


In 2007 Mario Nattero, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, started a new professional course, founding Studio d’Ingegneria Navale. Nowadays the Studio is a well-established Consultancy and deals with most part of the subjects related to commercial and entertainment vessels, such as basic design and safety aspects, together with less common application, such as complex salvage operations, amphibious vehicles and dry-dock doors. Great experience, well-qualified team and a wide range of dedicated softwares make Studio d’Ingegneria Navale a competitive reality, involved both in local and international projects.
From 1st December 2022, the engineer Mario Nattero was also appointed Technical Manager for The Cook Islands flag.